Greg and Kristina,  (AppleBrides Feature)

Greg + Kristina

At the Montvale Hotel and Event Center

This story is one very special to me. Kristina strolled by at the Spokane Bridal Festival and struck up a conversation. When she walked away, I had no idea she was grabbing her fiancé to introduce me. But as we chatted I could tell this was a "special" couple.

Greg was committed, hard working, and strong willed. Kristina was soft, relaxed and playful. When they came together, they complemented each other so well.


Quickly after getting to know each other, Greg asked her out. After the first date, he told his friends he was going to marry her. "Greg! You can't do that! She has to decide too!"


As much as anyone could try to convince Greg otherwise, he'd made up his mind. By the time I met them, Greg had won the hearts of all Kristina's friends. I was quite amazed at just how much of a gentlemen he was - the old fashioned, dignified kind.


Well, "the rest is history," Greg got his bride, Kristina got her day, and this is how it happened. 


Thanks for joining me as you see it through my eyes. You're the best.





- Makeup Artist: Shasta Haskins

- Tuxedos: Jos. A. Bank

- Venue: The Montvale Event Center

- Wedding Coordinator: Sammi Murphy

- Photography: Nick Brimmer




Oh! Greg and Kristina, by the way just so you know,

You're the best. Thanks for being such an inspirational young couple.