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Investments and Pricing

Let’s be honest here. When your wedding is all said and done, the only thing you really have left to enjoy are the photos of your wedding day. You want them done well, so making an investment in your wedding photos is more than just checking something off your wedding to-do list.


Your photos will be how you remember your wedding day.


Making a choice on a photographer should not be picking the best price. It should be on "How do I want to remember my wedding?" This is not a small decision! You'll be looking at your wedding photos 20 and 30 years from now.


Also, your photographer is who you interact with the most on your wedding day.


I cannot stress this enough. It’s about the experience from day one with your photographer. It has to be enjoyable. It has to be fun. It has to feel natural and be a decision you make with 100% confidence in that person to capture your day through their eyes. Sorry photojournalism majors, a bride NEEDS to be posed. She's nervous. And YOU need a photographer who is comfortable and confident in their work.


It’s so important to choose someone whose style you love, whose personality you work well with, and bonus points if you can see yourself being friends with that person.


This is the type of client I want and need. I love couples who love well, who do things a little different or non-traditional, and who see the importance of their wedding day being about surrounding themselves with the people they love and not in how many Pinterest details they have. If this is you, we will most likely love each other and be a killer team for your wedding day.


How do you smile and look great if your photographer can't make you feel great in front of the camera?



All Wedding Packages start at 1,499
Portrait and Senior Sessions start at $250


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