2017 Senior pricing

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So here it is. It's come. Senior year and you just put on your awesome pants. Let's do this.


I love working with seniors! Every year I get to meet a new group of people thrilled to take on the world and excited to take on the new world coming at them fast. It is such a special time, and it quickly slips by. I am so unbelievably blessed to meet and hang out with every soon-to-be-adult karate-chopping the world with their determination.



here's what I offer senior clients and their families to remember this all-to-short time:

All senior sessions are 3 hours. Fit as many outfits in as you want, and as many places as you want.


In fact, let's plan your dream senior photo session.

Not what the snobby senior photographer wants. Not what anyone else wants. Exactly what you want! These are your senior photos, and I am 110% committed to you going bonkers over everything we get of you! 


Here's what happens:

- A one hour Skype or FaceTime "DreamTeam" Meeting where we cook up the most exciting senior photos you've ever imagined

- A three hour senior session with as many outfits and locations as your brain can possibly can think of.

- All of me and my expertise to ensure you are getting exactly what you want!

- 100% access to 100% of all the edited digital files. Post 'em, print 'em. I don't care.



*Specific pricing details given when the senior filled out the inquiry form!




If you'd like to get more info or book a senior session


Click here.  :)