2018 wedding Pricing


What would you love to have for your wedding?


Do you want to fly somewhere for your big day? Would you like a show-stopping canvas to hang in your living room to take all of your visitor's breath away? Would you like your entire wedding edited and delivered in 72 hours? Would you like heirloom quality wedding book that you can give to your grandchildren? 


When I got into weddings, I never wanted to offer something that people didn't want. But I also wanted to offer things I hadn't seen. I don't want to sell you anything that you don't want. Actually I want you to be quite thrilled with what you get. For that reason, I build custom packages for each client.





All day wedding plus engagement session - $1,699


Why don't I offer a wedding without an engagement session?

I get this question a lot, so thank you for asking!  ; )


Engagement sessions do so much more than give you great photos! Thank about this: How often do people feel comfortable and look great in front of a camera? Never!


Picture this: It's the most important day of your life, you're nervous, and a person you've never met before shows up and has to take lots of pictures of you.  Get outta town. YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER IS LIKE BEFORE YOUR WEDDING. You also want to know what it's like to be in front of a camera, and what posing is like, and getting confortable with the elements of you being photographed.


This is what I promise: Every time a bride has picked an engagement session, I've always heard them say "I would never go without now that I know it." That's not me saying that. It gave them confidence for their wedding day. 


The engagement session is stress free, fun, and sometimes downright silly! But it also get's you ready for the "grand finale"! It gives us a great time to get to know each other, so you aren't meeting some guy on your wedding day who lugs around heavy camera equipment for his wedding day. The engagement sessions gives you a clear idea what to expect, and how to have fun while getting pictures of yourself taken!




- Prices can be subject to change due to manufacturer changes, Each client will sign an official document upon booking, promising that they will receive the price agreed upon at booking that will be locked in and saved from the cost of fluxuation. After 45 days, 6 weeks of the booked event, all prices will revert to what is stated by Nick Brimmer Photography.

***Full Resolution digital files in Jpeg form available for purchase individually for $50 each after a minimum $250 print order. You will be given the full resolution file and then from there you can size and crop for printing at local printers at your choice.



*The average amount of photos delivered to each client ranges between 200 to 300 edited photos. Each wedding is different so the amount varies from client to client.


** "Memories" is the term used for digital files. It's silly to think that someone would withhold a memory from someone of their own wedding, and these files are perfectly fine to be seen on a computer screen and printed at low resolution sizes. Every client will be given every image in a smaller form of a 4x6 and 5x7 digital file which will be free for printing as well as online use. Beyond that, to ensure the quality of printing, the prints should be ordered through Nick Brimmer Photography.


***There is a set of products that I offer which I call the Heirloom products. These are hand-crafted, specialty books and canvas prints that are meant to last through a family. They are very special to my heart, knowing they'll be passed down through the family for decades to come. This section of products has their own special pricing as all items are hand-crafted, and some shipped from overseas.


If you have any more specific questions on pricing or booking me for your special day,


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